College Students

Are you ready to impress your professors?  Do you want to make this your best semester yet?  Hello, College Students!

I'm here to give you access to awesome resources, like how to go apartment hunting, what you should do to write a kickass college paper, and how to make a budget (and stick to it!).  I'm also here to guide you through the process of going from a kid to an adult - which is super exciting and super scary at the same time!  

Below are the blog posts and resources that I think will be most helpful to you!  Read them, explore the site, and feel free to contact me with any questions that aren't answered by my posts!
I'm also here to offer you help with what you struggle with most.  If you're interested in learning my paper writing process, plus receiving one-on-one help with a paper you've been assigned, check out my Paper Writing Process course!

How to Pick the Right Classes

If you really want to succeed in college, you need to learn how to pick the right classes for you.…